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Kaspersky Internet Security

✔ Included free of charge

Comprehensive protection for your data, protection against viruses and ransomeware on PC, Mac and Android. Download version.
Lizenz für 1 Jahr, 1 oder 3 Geräte, License per 1 Year, 1 or 3 Devices Lizenz je nach Buchungszeitraum 6 Monate oder 1 Jahr, 3 oder 5 Geräte, License depending on booking period, 6 months or 1 year, 3 or 5 Devices
Delivery status
Email storage 2.00 GB 10.00 GB 20.00 GB 25.00 GB
Email (incoming) 30.00 MB 35.00 MB 50.00 MB 50.00 MB
Email (outgoing) 30.00 MB 35.00 MB 50.00 MB 50.00 MB
Automaticaly save drafts
External aliases
Aliases 0 10 24 50
Including alias domains, at, ch, es, fr,, it, nl
External POP3 accounts 1 10 30 50
Issue certificates
Upload certificates
E-Mail Account Migration
Mobile access
Drive 2.00 GB 10.00 GB 20.00 GB 50.00 GB
Drive traffic 50.00 GB 200.00 GB 1000.00 GB 2000.00 GB
Drive share
Share speed 256 KB/s 512 KB/s 1024 KB/s 2048 KB/s
Drive speed 256 KB/s 512 KB/s 1024 KB/s 2048 KB/s
Own SMS sender
Toolbox incl. Mailcheck
SMS Manager
Fax in Toolbox
Assets per month 0 Credits 0 Credits 200 Credits 0 Credits
Free of ads
Data Processing Contract acc. to. Art 28 GDPR
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  • Chargeable rates can be booked directly at registration (registration step 2) or internally in the customer menu (account upgrade).
  • Payment in advance for the booked period. No subscription, no automatically recurring payment. Cancellation possible at any time in advance.
  • eclipso Sync: Automatic synchronization of e-mails, contacts, tasks and notes (Active Sync / ExChange) with mobile devices e.g. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.
  • Tariff Business: The indicated price includes the activation of a standard country domain (e.g. .de, .at, .ch etc.). New domains or special requirements may be implemented upon request and at an additional charge.