The eclipso Academy. Partner of educational institutions.

eclipso Academy - E-Learning & Partner of educational institutions

The eclipso Academy supports educational institutions such as e-learning platforms, schools, grammar schools, adult education centres, university institutions, chambers of commerce and many more in the implementation of further education and training offers.

How does the eclipso Academy work?

Our offer is primarily aimed at course and/or seminar leaders, teachers, lecturers, training institutions or companies offering effective and varied seminars with high practical relevance on the following topics:

  • Basics of Internet use
  • Setting up an e-mail address
  • Secure use of e-mail
  • Setting up an e-mail client
  • Save data in the cloud
  • Data economy & data protection on the Internet
  • IT security
  • and many more


What does the eclipso Academy offer?

Within the scope of a cooperation we provide server infrastructure and offer e.g. virtual classrooms. In the virtual classrooms, corresponding seminar or teaching contents can be tested in practice according to the instructor's specifications. The systems are available live and in real-time. Our platform and apps are kept simple and intuitive, so that even newcomers can easily participate in the seminars and courses. We generally provide our systems to public educational institutions free of charge.

What is a virtual classroom?

In consultation with the seminar / course provider we provide an individual, virtual classroom. In the courses, the participants use an account name specially adapted to the needs of the course provider, e.g. in the form of "", "" etc., which can be set up once and used again and again. These accounts can be used, for example, to test the handling of e-mail or handling the cloud in practice.

Practical training contents can be, for example:

  • How do I create an e-mail?
  • Receive and manage e-mail
  • Create e-mail folder
  • Using e-mail with a client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.)
  • How do I upload photos and files to the cloud
  • How do I create a digital signature
  • How do I recognize spam and phishing mails
  • ...

We are happy to support you in the preparation of course plans and tasks.

Our Motivation

It is not only important to us to support educational institutions, but also to actively contribute to making the Internet a bit safer.

On request we also offer in-house training courses at your premises. Please contact us!