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0.99 €/mth.1
1.99 €/mtl.1
incl. Contract (GDPR)
4.99 €/mtl.1
Email Storage 3 2 GB 10 GB 20 GB 3 50 GB
Email Addresses
(including aliases)
1 11 25 51
Including alias domains, at, ch, es, fr,, it, nl
Emails without advertising footer
E-Mail | Migration
IMAP import and migration of all email folders from external providers
E-Mail | POP3 collector
Retrieve external mailboxes (Gmail, Outlook etc.) without folders
1 Mailboxes 10 Mailboxes 30 Mailboxes 50 Mailboxes
Maximum attachment size
20 MB 35 MB 50 MB 50 MB
Email retention time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
HTML editor
Personalize your emails
Search function
Email, calendar, drive, tasks etc.
Email-Certified mail
Receive real confirmation of receipt for e-mails
Email E-Mail | Filters
Sort incoming messages using self-defined filter rules.
Email Forwarding
(eg to another email mailbox)
E-Mail | Autoresponder
Email Signature
Alternate sender name
Email Drafts
Drag&Drop 4
eclipso Mobile
(Browser-driven web app for smartphones and tablets)
eclipso Mail Europe App
(for Android and iOS)
Own Email-Domain incl. 10
Email on your own domain @yourcompany.tld
Data protection
GDPR-Data protection
Server location Germany Germany Germany Germany
Secure SSL/HTTPS registration
Secure SSL/HTTPS Login
Email Transport Encryption (TLS)
Spam protection
(self-learning & trainable spam filter)
Virus filter
(Sign emails digitally)
Encrypt emails with your own certificate
Drive & Photo album
Space 3
Photos, documents and files
2 GB 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Drag&Drop Upload 4
File manager Upload 4
Folder administration
Sharing & Password Protection
Protect and share folders individually
Photo album
Manage unlimited photo albums
Comfort picture viewer
incl. slideshow
Drive transfer volume (Traffic) 20 GB/mth. 200 GB/mth. 1000 GB/mth. 2000 GB/mth.
Drive Load Time 256 KB/s 512 KB/s 4096 KB/s 8192 KB/s
Drive release speed 256 KB/s 512 KB/s 4096 KB/s 8192 KB/s
Post office
Write and send letters 2
Recipients will receive the letter in paper form by delivery
PDF upload
Send your pre-made PDF files
Registered letter 2
Registered letter with return receipt
Address book
with import and export function (.CSV)
Calendar and appointment management
Tasks and notes
Bookmark manager
Manage your bookmarks online
eclipso Sync
SMS with personal sender ID 2
Mail-to-SMS 2
Notification by SMS when an e-mail is received
Appointment reminder by SMS 2
Send Faxes Online 2
No fax number required
PDF upload
Send your pre-made PDF files
Text editor
Create text blocks
Create a fax cover sheet
eclipso PIN
Own Homepage / Pinboard
Create your own profile
Create Topics/Channels/Hashtags
Share links, videos, pictures
Find friends and followers
Additional storage space can be booked
Free quota (credits / month)
For fax, SMS or post office use
200 7
Buy Credits
Account Completely Ad-Free
no banners or advertising newsletters
Design your own desktop menus with widgets
eclipso Toolbox (Windows & Mac OS)
Mail check, drive sync, SMS manager, fax printerr
Contract according to Art. 28 GDPR 8 8 8 9
Price per month 1,6 Free 0.99 €/mth. 1.99 €/mth. 4.99 €/mth.
Minimum booking period - 12 months 12 months 6 months
Termination period - Runtime ends automatically 1 Runtime ends automatically 1 Runtime ends automatically 1
Payment - PayPal, Klarna/, Prepayment PayPal, Klarna/, Prepayment PayPal, Klarna/, Prepayment
Billing Total amount at the beginning of the term Total amount at the beginning of the term Total amount at the beginning of the term

Payment in advance for the booked period. No subscription, no automatically recurring payment. Cancellation possible at any time in advance.


Deposit (credits) required.


Initial storage volume depending on the package: Freemail 4 GB, Connect 20 GB, Premium 40 GB, Business GB for e-mail, Drive & Photo album.


Modern browser required.


eclipso Sync: Automatic synchronization of e-mails, contacts, tasks and notes (Active Sync / ExChange) with mobile devices e.g. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.


Chargeable rates can be booked directly at registration (registration step 2) or internally in the customer menu (account upgrade).


The settlement of the free quota (credits) takes place via the monthly credit. Unused/unused credits expire at the end of the month or on the 30th day.


Tariff for private customers.


Tariff for business customers.


The indicated price includes the activation of a standard country domain (e.g. .de, .at, .ch etc.). New domains or special requirements may be implemented upon request and at an additional charge.