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eclipso Office: address book, diary, notebook and task manager!

With eclipso Office you have a powerful and free tool to manage everyday tasks, important appointments and birthdays as well as your complete inventory of contacts and addresses. Save business contacts, friends and birthdays in the eclipso Address Book. Rely on our eclipso Event Calendar to remind you of each and any appointment.

eclipso Office is your reliable online mini-office!



Manage appointments

Manage your appointments and birthdays comfortably with a mouse click.

Create notes

Your notes in one place. Create notes by priority.

Task management

With eclipso Task Management you always have your ToDo's in view.


The eclipso Address Book is a central part of your email account. Manage your contacts easily online, create new ones and change or update existing addresses. If you have contacts that are business-related as well as personal, you can enter specific information such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses separately. The group function helps to save and organize contacts into groups. You can upload a photo or even an avatar for every contact.

eclipso gives you the ability to quickly and easily import contacts from other applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird via .CSV or .VCF files. Contact fields can be corrected before finalising the import, for example in the case of differing file formats. Addresses that you already have can either be updated or omitted using the 'Ignore' function.

You will have quick and easy access to your contact list while writing an email. With the auto-completion feature you need only write the first letter of the recipient's name for eclipso to present you with a list of matching entries from your contact list.

Another highlight is the self-completion function. With this feature, your contacts can add to or change their contact information themselves. They will be sent an email with a link to a page where they can enter their contact information. When they submit that page, the information will be included in your address book.

  • Address book with import and export function (.CSV)
  • Create and edit contacts
  • .VCF import and export (vCard)
  • Auto-completion for a contact by contacts themselves
  • Address group management
  • Contact information for private as well as business


Initial storage volume for eclipso Drive and Photo Album varies according to the package booked.


Deposit/credits required.

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