eclipso Office
Powerful Apps & Tools for your everyday office life.

Schedule, Birthdays, Notes and Tasks

Manage your appointments, notes, birthdays and tasks easy and simple online.

Letters, private or business, fax & SMS.

Send private letters, business mail, faxes and SMS all over the world in no time at all.

File and folder management

Manage important documents, photos and files easy via app or web in the cloud.

eclipso Online Office

Efficient and cost-effective.

Whether email, cloud drive, photo album, calendar, notes, to-do list, address book, appointment calendar, fax or letter post: the eclipso apps and tools help you to organize your office faster, easier and cheaper.

Only one login for perfect communication and organization.

No installation required.

The eclipso Office is our SaaS solution (Software-as-a-Service). You don't need any special software, all tools and apps are provided on our platform and can be reached from anywhere.

With our eclipso Online Office you have a powerful tool for managing your daily tasks, important appointments, birthdays and a complete address management free of charge. Save your business contacts, friends, birthdays in the eclipso address book. The eclipso appointment calendar reliably reminds you of every appointment you have created.

Send letters and faxes online.

In many cases it is necessary or simply better to send a letter or a fax. With our Post office you can send your daily mail quickly, easily and inexpensively, whether privately or on business.

Manage files, documents and photos in the cloud.

Our cloud solution ensures that your documents, files and photos are always at hand when you need them! No more forgotten or defective USB sticks, save your data quickly and easily via app or browser on your eclipso Drive.

Folders and files password protected sharing.

Share files, photos and folders quickly and password-protected with friends, business partners, colleagues or family.

Safe and EU-GDPR compliant.

Your data is safe with us. Our websites are SSL-encrypted and GDPR-compliant. In the tariff eclipso Business we provide you with an Data Processing Agreement (Contract) including technical organizational measures (TOM).

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With eclipso you can easily and conveniently send SMS-messages online or transmit faxes with attachments. If you want to write letters or postcards, then we will print them out (3) and ship them by conventional post. eclipso Postmail saves you money, time and actively helps to protect the environment. You do not need paper or stamps and will save yourself a trip to your local post office.

Send letters worldwide

  • Worldwide letter delivery (2, 3)
  • Write letters online; we will print out your post and send it to the recipient
  • Double-sided printing
  • Download prefabricated letters in PDF-format
  • Create letters with a cover sheet

Send faxes

  • Send faxes within Europe and worldwide (2)
  • Receive fax reports
  • Create faxes from multiple text blocks (2)
  • Create faxes with cover sheets (2)
  • Send faxes with attachments such as PDF files (2)

Send SMS

  • Send SMS-messages worldwide (2)
  • Send an SMS for as little as 9 cents (2)
  • Personal sender ID (2)
  • SMS delivery report
  • Reply to SMS on your mobile phone (2)
  • Reply to SMS by email
  • Account (re)chargeable at any time


Initial storage volume for eclipso Drive and Photo Album varies according to the package booked.


Deposit/credits required.