eclipso Cloud: European secure cloud storage.
Safe and EU-DSGVO compliant. Made in Germany.

Cloud storage on demand.

Online storage without limit. If your storage space is no longer sufficient, simply book cloud storage space at low cost.

We protect your data according to EU-GDPR

Privacy and security have top priority at eclipso Mail & Cloud.

Secure file sharing

Share your data with colleagues, friends and family. Fast, password-protected and simply with a click.


Free Secure Cloud Storage

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eclipso Cloud - Your secure cloud storage from Germany. Data protection and data security included and 100% EU-GDPR compliant. Expandable: If your storage space is no longer sufficient, simply book cloud storage at a reasonable price. On request with an order data processing contract according to art. 28 EU-GDPR in the tariff eclipso Business.

Free Cloud Storage

Cloud & data protection made in Germany

eclipso Cloud is your european, secure and personal online storage. On your eclipso Cloud you can safely store and easily manage photos, files, documents or videos. Data sharing made easy, with friends or colleagues, even on the go. Your files are secure in the eclipso Cloud, because they are stored exclusively in German data centers.

Data processing according to EU-GDPR:

As eclipso Mail & Cloud customers enjoy the highest level of data protection from the first byte. We provide companies with an order processing contract (GCU) in the eclipso Business rate, including technical and organisational measures (TOM).

Safe on hardware failure

Everyone has experienced this before: The computer is plötzlich defective, the Smartphone gives up the ghost or the USB stick was forgotten at home. You can no longer access the important documents or the presentation you have created. eclipso Cloud is your secure data safe on the Internet. Simply upload and retrieve as needed.

Individual, password-protected folder sharing

Sending larger files by email is impractical. Just send the link to your shared folder via eclipso Mail. The recipient can download the file as required.

Individual data encryption

We recommend encrypting the data with an encryption program before uploading. From our point of view this has several advantages:

  • Greatest possible security
  • flexibility in the choice of the encryption algorithm
  • Free choice of encryption software
  • Same level of encryption Local as online
  • Do not remember any additional passwords

eclipso Cloud Sync-Client

Drive-Sync is integrated in the eclipso Toolbox, our software with which you can synchronize user-definable folders with your eclipso Drive. The interval for automatic synchronization can be manually adjusted to your needs. The eclipso Toolbox is available for Windows and MacOS systems.

Welcome to the eclipso Cloud.

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You need more storage space? Book Just one of our inexpensive storage space packages:

Package Volume Price Usage 24 months
MailSpace +25 GB 25.00 GB 25.00 EUR (once)
incl. 19.00% VAT
Runtime: Lifetime
only 1.04 €/Month 2
MailSpace +50 GB 50.00 GB 50.00 EUR (once)
incl. 19.00% VAT
Runtime: Lifetime
only 2.08 €/Month 2
MailSpace +100 GB 100.00 GB 99.00 EUR (once)
incl. 19.00% VAT
Runtime: Lifetime
only 4.13 €/Month 2

Package Volume Price Usage 24 months
CloudSpace +25 GB 25.00 GB 29.90 EUR (once)
incl. 19.00% VAT
Runtime: Lifetime
only 1.25 €/Month 2
CloudSpace +50 GB 50.00 GB 47.90 EUR (once)
incl. 19.00% VAT
Runtime: Lifetime
only 2 €/Month 2
CloudSpace +100 GB 100.00 GB 89.00 EUR (once)
incl. 19.00% VAT
Runtime: Lifetime
only 3.71 €/Month 2
  • eclipso Cloud is included in every eclipso account
  • Upload, copy, rename and delete files as you see fit
  • Store your data in as many folders as you want
  • Password-protect folders and share them
  • Available worldwide
  • Share files with friends & colleagues
  • An internet connection is all that is required
  • WebDav connection - integrated drive as a network drive (only available in eclipso Premium and Business)
  • Upload by drag-and-drop (2) or upload manager
  • Web app available for uploading files from your smartphone
  • Sync Drive: automatic synchronization of specified folders (installation of eclipso Toolbox for Windows / Mac required)
  • eclipso Mail & Cloud App for iOS & Android included

Initial storage volume for eclipso Drive & eclipso photo album 5 GB in tariff Freemail, 10 GB in tariff Connect, 20 GB in tariff Premium,, 50 GB in tariff Business. Storage space can be extended.


Monthly price with 24 months service runtime. For longer runtime, the monthly price is reduced,