eclipso Premium. Top mail & cloud package at the best price.

Premium E-Mail & Cloud

Unique email addresses, storage space and great premium features for which you would have to pay a lot of money elsewhere.

Completely ad-free

Advertisement free e-mail account without annoying advertising, without annoying newsletters!

Only 1.99 €/month

No subscription, no trouble. You only pay as long as you want.


eclipso Premium

eclipso Premium

Email. Office. Cloud from eclipso Mail & Cloud.

★★★★★ 9 / 10 (1155 Ratings)

  • Account and Mailbox without third-party advertising.
  • Excellent Tools & Apps.
  • E-mail, photos, cloud, fax, SMS, letters & more.

Your premium email & cloud storage space, ad-free of course!

No more banners, no more advertising newsletters. 40 GB Storage space for your e-mails, photos and files. eclipso Mail & Cloud App included, so that you can also read your e-mails everywhere. Alias- addresses, POP3, IMAP, eclipso Drive, address book, effective spam filter, virus protection and many useful additional functions are included in our premium account.

Real premium features are available for only 1.99 € / monthly

  • No auto-renewing subscription!
  • You decide for yourself whether and for how long you want to use eclipso Premium!
  • No unwanted or monthly withdrawals from your bank account!
  • Full cost control at all times!

Free, comprehensive security package included.

  • Use 200 credits monthly free quota. With the free contingent you can send up to 20 faxes, 20 SMS with own sender identification or a standard letter.
  • eclipso Drive, your free and secure online hard drive in the cloud. Store your files, photos and documents conveniently online. No need to install additional software, just drag and drop your files and upload them.
  • Use eclipso as your e-mail center and integrate your mailboxes from other e-mail providers such as, GMX or Gmail.
Only 1.99 € /mth. - Sign up now
  • 40 GB storage space for emails, pictures and files (1)
  • Custom homepage - eclipso lets you customize your premium desktop
  • Check emails using your mobile phone, PDA or smartphone via web interface, POP3 or IMAP (depending on whether the device has the capability)
  • 25 email addresses (1 main address plus 24 aliases)
  • Including alias domains, at, ch, es, fr,, it, nl
  • Unlimited email retention period
  • Alternative sender address
  • Email forwarding
  • Out-of-office tool
  • Confirmation function: you will receive email confirmation when a recipient has read your email
  • Compose drafts and send them later
  • Use filters to sort your emails
  • Unlimited email folders
  • Email collection service (POP3 collection service) for 25 mailboxes
  • Create your own signature
  • Send email attachments up to a size of 50 MB
  • Email-2-SMS - receive SMS notification of incoming emails (2)
  • POP3/SMTP access (no time limit)
  • IMAP access (through e-mail clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird)
  • HTTP mail access (MS Outlook © contains the protocol "http mail", which allows you to send and receive messages over HTTP.)
  • S / MIME (Digital Signature)
  • Encrypt emails with a private certificate
  • Encrypt emails with a system certificate
  • Full text search of emails
  • eclipso tool package (software for your MAC or PC)
  • Email send lists of up to recipients possible (e.g. for personal newsletters)
  • Completely ad-free - no banners and no newsletters!
  • Plan only for private customers
  • Price: € 1.99 / month
  • Minimum term of 12 months, cancel at any time, no automatically extending subscription (4)

Spam and virus filters are important tool to make sure that you only receive the emails you want to receive. With effective spam filtering tools such as an intelligent, adaptive spam filter and multiple anti-virus programs, you can rely on eclipso to help keep your email account clean.


  • Intelligent and adaptive spam filter
  • Personalise your spam filter's rules
  • Multiple anti-virus scans of all incoming and outgoing emails
  • High-security datacentre
  • Two-factor authentication

With eclipso you can easily and conveniently send SMS-messages online or transmit faxes with attachments. If you want to write letters or postcards, then we will print them out (3) and ship them by conventional post. eclipso Postmail saves you money, time and actively helps to protect the environment. You do not need paper or stamps and will save yourself a trip to your local post office.


  • Send SMS-messages worldwide (2)
  • Send an SMS for as little as 9 cents (2)
  • Personal sender ID (2)
  • SMS delivery report
  • Reply to SMS on your mobile phone (2)
  • Reply to SMS by email


  • Send faxes within Europe and worldwide (2)
  • Receive fax reports
  • Create faxes from multiple text blocks (2)
  • Create faxes with cover sheets (2)
  • Send faxes with attachments such as PDF files (2)

Post office

  • Worldwide letter delivery (2, 3)
  • Write letters online; we will print out your post and send it to the recipient
  • Double-sided printing
  • Download prefabricated letters in PDF-format
  • Create letters with a cover sheet
  • Account (re)chargeable at any time

Beside email and SMS features, eclipso Premium offers you numerous ways to conveniently manage important dates and your address list. With eclipso you will have all your data handy at all times.

Calendar, address book, tasks & notes

  • Manage favourites (bookmarks) online
  • Customise your organizer yourself with the features you need
  • Calendar
  • CalDAV / CardDAV - synchronize calendar, e-mails and address book across devices
  • Diary with reminder function
  • Memo function (bulletin board)
  • Task list with priorities, due dates, status information and completion rates
  • Address book with import and export function (. CSV)
  • VCF import capability (VCard)
  • Self-completion of contact data by contacts themselves
  • Address-group management
  • Worldwide access via the internet

eclipso Drive online storage (1) is your data safe on the internet. Download and save your documents, pictures and files on eclipso Drive and have access to it anywhere in the world. You do not need your own hardware - such as a USB-stick - or additional software to upload the data. Password protection ensures only you have access to your data.

Use eclipso Photo Album to upload your favourite photos in seconds. Create whole picture galleries with a few clicks of a button. Show your friends, relatives and online acquaintances your holiday pictures.

Your data in the cloud

  • Drive: online storage of documents, photos and files
  • Create your own Drive folders
  • Upload by drag-and-drop or one by one
  • Share password-protected folders
  • Make content accessible to other people by sending them a link
  • No upload or download limits
  • No restrictions on the download speed
  • Photo albums with preview function (1)
  • Share photo galleries with other people by sending them a link
  • Share password-protected albums
  • eclipso Drive and Photo Album: worldwide access through the internet and on any browser


Initial storage volume: 20 GB for email and 20 GB GB for eclipso Drive & Photo Album.


Deposit/credits required. Billing unit per credit = from €0.01. We charge your credit account for SMS, letters and faxes.


Letters and postcards are printed and dispatched by our partner companies.


The Premium package expires when a Premium subscription does, but can be extended by booking in advance.