eclipso mobile - The web app, developed for smartphones & tablet PCs.

Optimized for smartphones

Send and retrieve emails with your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

No download necessary

Works with any modern web browser.

Many more functions

The most important functions from the desktop app are integrated into the mobile web app.


eclipso Mobile - The perfect web app for your smartphone!

eclipso Mobile makes you independent. Easily and conveniently receive or send emails with your internet-enabled mobile phone or smartphone - your browser will suffice. Never again will you miss any important emails or news from friends or family.

eclipso Web App
Thanks to the simple web interface especially designed for smartphones, eclipso Mobile is very easy to use and requires no additional setup on your mobile device.

Upload photos and files directly from your smartphone onto eclipso Drive.
You want to save pictures that you shot with your mobile phone or smartphone in your eclipso photo album? No problem. With the eclipso web app you have the option to upload files and photos directly onto eclipso Drive.

Mail retrieval with POP3/IMAP/SMTP
If you have a POP3 or IMAP-enabled smartphone or mobile phone, you can retrieve as well as send your emails via POP3 or IMAP. POP3 is always free of charge.

eclipso mobile web app: no download or installation necessary!

eclipso mobile works on any operating system that has a web browser. Depending on the operating system, a link to the eclipso web app will be placed on the home screen. This also helps to save space.

eclipso mobile is included free of charge in all our packages.

  • Web app for use with mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) 1
  • Send or retrieve emails using your mobile phone, smartphone or PDA
  • Display dates
  • Store contacts in an address book
  • Show tasks
  • Drive functionality: upload, download, delete or link to files and folders
  • POP3/SMTP functionality included free of charge 2
  • IMAP-functionality 3
  • Available worldwide
  • Never miss important messages
  • No PC or laptop required
  • eclipso Mobile is for free!


Web browser required


Possible only if the device supports POP3/SMTP


IMAP only available in our Premium package