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Secure Freemail

With eclipso Freemail you can be sure that your e-mails and data are protected! Encrypted data transmission is a matter of course for us.

Privacy protection

We offer secure email accounts and cloud storage. All data are stored exclusively in German data centers.

Cloud storage

Save and share files from wherever you are with our integrated file cloud service.


Free Email Without Compromise.

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Registering with eclipso Freemail gives you up to 4 GB of storage - enough for lots of email & files.

Discover also our practical tools like the task planner, the calendar, the address book and much more.

Free email Europe

Secure European Free email and cloud - based in Germany.

With eclipso Freemail you can access your emails whenever and wherever you want. eclipso free email offers 4 GB of storage space (1), excellent spam protection and a desktop that you can customize with widgets that you select. Save your contacts in our address book. Keep track of appointments and birthdays with the eclipso organizer.

eclipso freemail - get your free European email address!

With your free eclipso account you also get eclipso Drive, our free and secure online storage. Save your files online through our web interface; copying files is as easy as dragging and dropping them.

Use eclipso as the e-mail center and integrate your mailboxes from other e-mail providers such as Gmail, Hushmail Yahoo or Welcome to eclipso Freemail!

Get your freemail now.
  • eclipso freemail is free of charge
  • 1 free email address
  • Design your eclipso desktop yourself and hide unneeded functions
  • 2 GB storage space for your e-mails 1
  • Unlimited email retention times
  • Email collection service - POP3 collection service - for up to 1 mailboxes
  • Create your own signature
  • Upload email attachments of up 30 MB
  • Email-2-SMS: get SMS notification of received emails 2
  • POP3 access
  • Unlimited email folders
  • Easy-to-use filters to sort your emails
  • Search function (Sender, Subject)
  • Confirmation function: get email confirmation when a recipient has read your email
  • Save emails as drafts and send them later
  • Drag & Drop. Easily insert attachments and sort your emails into folders 4
  • eclipso PINwall / website (using eclipso PIN)
  • Ad-supported. Advertising as a fixed component of the service (newsletter, banner, advertising footer).
  • Upgrade to value added packages
  • Check emails with your mobile phone, smartphone or email client via POP3
  • eclipso mobile - our web interface specifically for smartphones
  • No minimum term and you can cancel your account at any time
  • incl. eclipso Mail Europe App for iOS & Android

Spam and virus filters are important tools to make sure that you only receive the emails you want to read. eclipso helps you keep your email inbox reliable and clean by using multiple anti-virus software programs and effective spam-filtering tools such as an intelligent and adaptive spam filter.

  • Intelligent and adaptive spam filter
  • Personal anti-spam - customise your filter rules
  • Multiple virus scans of all incoming and outgoing emails
  • High-security data center

With eclipso you can manage and send faxes with attachments, as well as write and send SMS-messages online. If you want to write letters or postcards, we will print (3) and ship them by post. With eclipso you save money, time and can actively contribute to the protection of the environment. You will not need paper or stamps and can save yourself the trip to your local post office.


  • Send SMS-messages worldwide (2)
  • Send SMS-messages for as little as 9 cents (2)
  • Personal sender ID (2)
  • SMS delivery report
  • Have SMS replies sent to your mobile phone (2)
  • Reply to SMS by email


  • No own fax number necessary
  • Send faxes worldwide (2)
  • Keep a journal of your faxes
  • Create faxes from multiple text blocks (2)
  • Create cover sheets for your faxes (2)
  • Upload your fax attachments as pre-made PDF files (2)

Postoffice: Send Letters online

  • Worldwide letter and postcard delivery (2) (3)
  • Double-sided printing possible
  • Upload your letter attachments as pre-made PDF files
  • Create cover sheets for your letters
  • Account (re)chargeable at any time

eclipso offers handy office tools with its email and SMS services that allow you to manage important dates and compile address databases The following features are available immediately upon registration:

  • A tool to set favourites and online bookmarks
  • An organizer customisable with the features you need
  • A calendar
  • An event planner with reminder function
  • A notepad
  • A task list that allows you to set priorities, due dates, status information and completion rates
  • An address book with import and export functionality (.CSV)
  • VCF-import functionality (VCard)
  • Auto-completion of contact information by contacts themselves
  • Address-group management
  • Worldwide access

eclipso Drive is your safe secure online data storage space. Save documents, pictures and files on your eclipso Drive. You do not need hardware such as a USB-stick, nor any additional software. Our password protection ensures only you have access to your data.

Upload your favourite photos in your eclipso photo album. Create your own galleries. Share your photos with friends.

  • 2 GB storage space for documents, photos and files
  • Create Drive folders
  • Upload by drag-and-drop (4) or by single upload
  • Encrypt folders with password protection
  • Make content accessible via links
  • Up to 20480 MB bandwidth every month
  • Download speed 256kb/s
  • Photo album with slideshows (1)
  • Share photos via links
  • Secure albums with your own password
  • Worldwide access through any browser
  • Drive Sync: automatic synchronization of specified folders (installation of eclipso Toolbox for Windows / Mac required)


You will start with 4 GB of storage space for your emails, eclipso Drive and Photo Album.


Deposit/credits required. Billing unit per credit: €0.01. One rechargeable credit account for SMS, letter and fax.


Letters and postcards are dispatched by our partner companies


HTML5-compatible browser required


Free SMS-messages without sender ID may contain advertising