General terms and conditions of use of eclipso Mail Europe (hereafter referred to as 'eclipso or eclipso Mail Europe').

Operator of the following service: eclipso Mail Europe, ( - Claus-Peter Beringer, Grubstr. 9b, 95445 Bayreuth, Germany

§ 1 Scope

The following provisions concern the contractual relationship between eclipso Mail Europe as the operator of 'eclipso Mail Europe' (hereafter referred to as 'eclipso or eclipso Mail Europe') and the users of the services offered on the eclipso Mail Europe website (hereafter referred to as 'users'). They apply to all services provided by eclipso Mail Europe. These terms and conditions apply to all business relationships that might arise. Any other terms and conditions assumed or argued by the user will not be deemed valid.

eclipso Mail Europe has the right to alter or terminate these terms and conditions as well as the offer of services or their functionality without notice period. Any notice provided will only be disseminated through the internet on pages operated by eclipso Mail Europe.

If the user does not contest the altered or terminated conditions within four weeks after their notice through the internet, then the altered or terminated conditions will go into effect. If the user does contest them within the deadline, then it is eclipso Mail Europe's right to terminate the agreement with the user as per the same time as when the altered or terminated conditions were to go in effect. Any change in the terms and conditions from the side of the user, even if eclipso Mail Europe has been notified, will not be considered valid unless eclipso Mail Europe has expressly and in writing made clear its acceptance of these changes.

§ 2 Contract

Subscribing to eclipso Mail Europe and using services through eclipso Mail Europe activates a general agreement between eclipso Mail Europe and the user. eclipso Mail Europe makes this general agreement available in point 3 of these terms and conditions. It is eclipso Mail Europe's right to refuse to enter a contractual relationship with any user without having a state a reason.

The user guarantees that the data about themselves that he or she has provided within the framework of the service agreement or service termination are complete and truthful. The user is obligated to forthwith advise eclipso Mail Europe if and when there is any change in the data provided. Should eclipso Mail Europe request it, the user is obligated to confirm the data provided. In case of violation eclipso Mail Europe can by right terminate its services immediately. When the user subscribes they are obligated to provide a valid address. Should this address prove to be incorrect or insufficiently detailed, then eclipso Mail Europe reserves the right to bar access to or even terminate the account of the user without further explanation.

By subscribing to eclipso Mail Europe the user agrees without reservation to be targeted by advertising through email, newsletters via email and possibly SMS. This targeting by advertising can be canceled by purchasing a premium package.

§ 3 Services, Rules of Use, Content, Email Service and Data Traffic

One account is offered per every user (i.e. per valid postal address). Additional email addresses (aliases) can be created depending on the package subscribed to by the user. The maximum number of permitted alias addresses per account depends on the selected tariff and is announced on the eclipso Mail Europe website.

If a user does not log in after registering, then the created account will be deleted again after 48 hours.

The user is expressly prohibited from deliberately using false, falsified or misleading information for the purpose of preparing or carrying out a criminal offense on eclipso Mail Europe.

The user is not allowed to violate laws or the morals and rights of third parties with the look, purpose or content of their eclipso Mail Europe webpages (eclipso Drive, photo album, blog, eclipso PIN, fax, post, forum posts or homepage). Specifically, the user is prohibited from publishing on their eclipso Mail Europe webpages content that is pornographic, violent or discriminative. They are also prohibited from calling for illegal activities or provide instructions for this. It is furthermore prohibited to offer or let be offered on their webpages services of a pornographic or erotic nature, such as nude images, peepshows, etcetera. The same applies to the sending of emails or SMS.

User is not permitted to create a free account for the sole purpose of registering with third party services that requires a (unique) contact or validation email address require. This includes services such as classified ads, surveys, gaming platforms, sweepstakes, dating or financial services portals.

The user is prohibited from sending data through or storing data on eclipso Mail Europe that by their nature and construction (for instance viruses) or form and quantity (i.e. spam) are capable of endangering the data storage or operation of eclipso Mail Europe's operational network.

If eclipso Mail Europe becomes aware (e.g. through third parties) that any data traffic from the user account with / in form, content or intended purpose violates legal prohibitions / requirements, the rights of third parties or common decency, eclipso Mail Europe is entitled to remove the illegal information or to block access to them.

eclipso Mail Europe assumes no responsibility for the forwarding of e-mails, SMS or other messages to the recipient, just as little for the correct reproduction of the user's Internet pages in the Internet presence, es unless intent or gross negligence can be proven by eclipso Mail Europe.

Data storage volume - data transfer volume
If the data transfer volume (traffic) or the data storage volume exceeds the maximum amount stipulated by the tariff for the respective month, eclipso Mail Europe can reduce the data transfer volume, block the pages and / or accounts and / or restrict access to the content.

3.7 Availability
The user has no right to permanent availability of the service. eclipso Mail Europe is achievable at an average of 99.9% over the annual mean.

eclipso Mail Europe does not guarantee that all the services offered and mentioned are available at all times and are free of errors. This applies in particular if access to these services is caused by disruptions that are beyond the control of eclipso Mail Europe. eclipso Mail Europe will eliminate malfunctions immediately and within the framework of the existing technical and operational possibilities. eclipso Mail Europe reserves the right to expand, change and improve services or to completely discontinue individual services.

3.8 SMS
The term SMS used in these terms and conditions includes all SMS units sent to mobile devices via the eclipso Mail Europe portal.

The user has the option to send SMS within the scope of the booked quota. The user has no right to permanent availability of the service. Due to technical conditions it can happen that & szlig; The user is shown sufficient quota, but shipping is not possible at this point in time.

The use of SMS sending is subject to the regional, national and international laws and regulations.

3.9 Paid Service / Paid Services

Account Upgrades - Paid Value-Added Plans
The products eclipso Connect, eclipso Premium and eclipso Business indicate a paid added value of the free offer (hereinafter added value tariff). Account upgrades / tariff changes are generally chargeable and must be paid for in advance for the selected term. eclipso Mail Europe does not use an automatically renewed subscription process. Payment is made manually, exclusively by actively completing the ordering process.

On or after the end of the term, the extension must be made by the user himself in the form of a term extension or a new order process, there is no automatic re-billing. If the user does not extend the term or does not extend it in good time, the account automatically reverts to the standard eclipso Freemail tariff. Functions and components of a value-added tariff can no longer be used from the point at which a value-added tariff that was previously subject to a charge was downgraded to the free standard tariff.

If the e-mail storage volume exceeds that of the free standard tariff at the end of the term of the previously booked value-added tariff, it is no longer possible to receive e-mails from the time of the downgrade.

If the Drive storage capacity exceeds that of the free standard tariff at the end of the term of the previously booked value-added tariff, it is no longer possible to save new content from the time of downgrading.

Storage expansion
Upon registration, the user receives Product description Free storage space for e-mails and for eclipso Drive made available. Storage space can be reduced according to can be booked by the user through a chargeable upgrade. The costs for a storage space upgrade are payable in advance as a one-time payment. eclipso Mail Europe does not use an automatically renewing subscription procedure. Payment is made manually, exclusively by actively completing the order process.

Additional services / credit and credit account
For certain services and additional functions (e.g. fax, post, SMS with sender identification) it is necessary to pay into a user account with so-called "credits". eclipso Mail Europe provides these services exclusively on a credit basis. The user can only make use of the products and services if his credit balance is sufficient.

The costs for the use of the additional services offered on eclipso Mail Europe are paid over the respective Pay the user's credit balance (the respective price table applies). In the event that the paid service is used, the prices and payment options set by eclipso Mail Europe apply, which can be viewed online at any time on the eclipso Mail Europe website. The user will be informed in good time by eclipso Mail Europe of any changes to the fees or terms of payment by means of a newsletter (e-mail or notice in the eclipso Mail Europe blog). Timely information cannot be guaranteed in the event of price increases by third parties.

Sending faxes
Sending faxes is a chargeable additional service. The costs incurred (credits to be paid) are displayed after the fax message has been created and before the fax is sent. Sending faxes is only possible to so-called landline numbers. Mobile phone numbers with fax option, fax server and chargeable phone numbers are not supported.

Letter and postal services
Letter and postal services are a chargeable additional service. The costs incurred (credits to be paid) will be displayed after the notification has been created and before it is sent.

§ 4 Obligations on the Side of the User

The services and products offered by eclipso Mail Europe are only meant for private use. Information, emails or SMS messages are not meant to be passed on to third parties. Commercial use of the services and products provided by eclipso Mail Europe is only allowed when the user has received written confirmation of this fact.

The user is the only party responsible for the content of sent messages, be they email or SMS. The user is obliged to indemnify eclipso Mail Europe regarding the demands of third parties, made against eclipso Mail Europe resulting from the use of eclipso Mail Europe products. eclipso Mail Europe is not obliged to check SMS messages for infringements upon the rights of any third parties. There is no obligation to safeguard the contents. However, eclipso Mail Europe does reserve the right to act upon any content it deems illegal, discriminatory, sexist, morally reprehensible or in any other way questionable. eclipso Mail Europe may delete these or prevent their dissemination when it becomes aware of them and may decide to alert relevant authorities. The use of SMS messages is bound by the regional, national and international laws that apply to locations where they are sent from and sent to.

The user agrees to:
Not use the services of eclipso Mail Europe to store, collect, disseminate, send or make available for download to third parties any content, photos, data, articles or messages that:

- run contrary to the criminal code
- violate the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany
- feature themes or content of a sexual, racist, fascist, extremist or discriminatory nature
- violate any copyright international laws.

Should eclipso Mail Europe gain knowledge of such content, then it is entitled to close the user's account and deny them access.

The user also undertakes to respect the privacy of others and therefore never to send unsolicited, harassing, slanderous or threatening content in any way. If the user violates this agreement, then eclipso Mail Europe is entitled to exclude the user from the use of eclipso Mail Europe without notice and to permanently deny the user access to their account.

The user agrees to keep passwords for services received by eclipso Mail Europe strictly confidential and to immediately inform eclipso Mail Europe should they have reason to believe that any passwords have become known to unauthorized third parties. If, through the fault of the user, any third parties are able to use the user's passwords to avail of any services provided by eclipso Mail Europe, then the user shall be liable for fees and damages charged by eclipso Mail Europe.

To use the SMS service it is necessary to send a PIN to the phone number of the user. By requesting a PIN the user declares that mobile phone number supplied is theirs and is registered in their name at the phone company. Should a user register a phone number that is not registered to their name, then they will be prosecuted and their account disabled as soon as the fact becomes known.

The user is obliged to inform themselves prior to subscribing as to whether the desired service from eclipso Mail Europe is compatible with their mobile phone, desktop, computer, etc. eclipso Mail Europe is not liable for any damages arising from the user sending services to incompatible equipment.

To be able to use eclipso PIN, it is necessary that the user creates a so-called nickname. The nickname must not have any racist background, nor indicate discrimination of any third parties. It may also not infringe upon any trademark rights or contain or imply sexual or erotic words.

§ 5 Copyright and Trademark Rights, Rights of eclipso Mail Europe

All content on eclipso Mail Europe, especially ringtones and logos, are subject to intellectual property rights, particularly trademark, name- and copyrights. All goods and services of eclipso Mail Europe are intended only for personal use by the user. The user is in particular not entitled outside of statutory exceptions to duplicate services to send to third parties either for compensation or free of charge. Unauthorized use of services of any kind may result in claims for injunctive relief and damages by eclipso Mail Europe.

The user may use the content on this website only in the context of its functionality and for their personal use. They shall not claim any rights to content or software. Reproduction or modification of eclipso Mail Europe's websites, in whole or in part, is expressly prohibited without the written consent of eclipso Mail Europe. This prohibition expressly includes reproduction for commercial purposes, inclusion in electronic databases or online services and any reproduction on electronic media (such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.).

With the exception of submitted user content, any rights and entitlements to and interest in eclipso Mail Europe services are and will remain the sole property of eclipso Mail Europe. eclipso Mail Europe is protected by copyright and by applicable German law through the registered trademark 'eclipso Email - Office - SMS'. The user does not have the right to use either the name 'eclipso or eclipso Mail Europe', the brand, any logos or domain names nor any other distinctive brand of eclipso Mail Europe.

Comments, feedback or suggestions submitted by the user regarding eclipso Mail Europe or services offered by eclipso Mail Europe are entirely voluntary. eclipso Mail Europe is free to use comments, feedback or suggestions as we see fit, without this leading to any obligations from us towards the user.

eclipso Mail Europe respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects users to do the same. Any evidence of copyright infringement as stated in applicable laws which originates from eclipso Mail Europe will be investigated by eclipso Mail Europe. Any content (text, image or video) that is published on eclipso Mail Europe remains the property of the user, provided that this does not violate third-party rights. eclipso Mail Europe will use user content and/or user data for advertising purposes or other publications on eclipso Mail Europe only when these have been made publicly available by the user (for instance in the user's public PIN profile).

§ 6 Liability and Warranty

Any services that eclipso Mail Europe provides free of charge can be altered at any time and without notice. This does not defer any rights for reductions, refunds or claims for damages.

eclipso Mail Europe assumes no liability as a result of force majeure or unforeseeable and unavoidable events not under the control of eclipso Mail Europe. Such events may include war, network and server failures, prolonged power failures, extreme weather conditions, strikes or other conflicts between workers and employers, disruptions to internet data transferals, failed transmissions, sabotage, or other events outside of eclipso Mail Europe's control.

eclipso Mail Europe is not responsible for sending SMS messages to mobile phones or receiving SMS messages through mobile devices. These are the sole responsibility of individual operators. eclipso Mail Europe is not liable for damages resulting from delayed or omitted delivery of SMS messages. This is especially true in the case of incorrect delivery of SMS messages.

eclipso Mail Europe reserves the right to restrict access to its internet services in cases of maintenance, server or software updates.

eclipso Mail Europe is not liable for non-receipt of e-mails. eclipso Mail Europe is not liable for the loss of any data, photos, videos, texts, or files stored on eclipso Mail Europe servers by the user. The user should at regular intervals themselves provide a backup of any data stored on eclipso Mail Europe servers.

eclipso Mail Europe does not have influence on internet traffic and is therefore not responsible for the sending of emails.

7 Duration and Termination

The contractual relationship is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated by either party at any time without observing a period of notice. The termination takes place by terminating the membership in the customer menu; or via the Cancellation Form, by the user himself.

The right to extraordinary termination of the contract remains unaffected. One particular reason for extraordinary termination exists if the customer provided false information when they registered or violated any laws while using the service. In the case of extraordinary termination by either the user or eclipso Mail Europe any existing balance on the account is forfeited.

If a user account is not used for a period of 365 days, it will automatically be blocked. After a total of 395 days after the last login, the user account and all data on it will be deleted. Any at this time still existing credit will expire.

Cancel contract and end membership

The user can cancel a contract and the associated termination of membership at any time via the customer menu, via the contact form or via the page "Cancel contract". All data stored on the user account, including all personal data, will be irrevocably and irretrievably deleted after a blocking period has expired when the membership is terminated.

If there is a violation of these terms and conditions or another valid reason, eclipso Mail Europe can also terminate the user relationship at any time and end the membership. This is usually done by blocking the customer account or by email.

In the event of premature, extraordinary termination by the user, as well as by eclipso Mail Europe, any existing credit balance and the booked remaining term in the user account will expire. In the event of an ordinary termination, a credit balance will be refunded to the user upon request if it exceeds EUR 10.00 and was created solely by payments to the customer's credit account.

§ 8 Privacy Policy

eclipso Mail Europe will comply with any legal provisions concerning data protection and the legal provisions concerning secrecy in the handling of a user's personal data. The legal provisions are regulated by law, for instance in the so-called 'data retention directive'.

eclipso Mail Europe is entitled to use the personal data of customers in advertising contracts with its sponsors and to use it for the creation of individual target group categories, as long as no data is transferred to third parties.

You can find our data protection declaration here.

§ 9 Instructions on withdrawal

- Right of withdrawal -

You have the right to revoke this contract within fourteen days without giving reasons. The revocation period is fourteen days from the date of registration. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter, fax or e-mail sent by post). You can use the following sample revocation form, which is not mandatory.

- Exclusion or premature expiration of the right of withdrawal -

The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the supply of digital content which are not prefabricated and for the production of which an individual selection or provision by the consumer is decisive or which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer. The right of revocation shall expire prematurely if we have only begun to execute the contract after you have given your express consent and at the same time confirmed your knowledge that you will lose your right of revocation with the commencement of performance of the contract on our part. We would like to point out that we can make the conclusion of the contract dependent on the aforementioned consent and confirmation.

- Beginning of the revocation -

Pattern withdrawal form

(If you wish to cancel the contract, please fill in the form below and return it. Please enter your data legibly in block letters, so that we can process it quickly.)

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us
Owner: Claus-Peter Beringer
Grubstr. 9b
95445 Bayreuth
Email: withdrawal [at]
Fax: +49 (0)921 / 99 007 109

of your decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail). You may use the attached model withdrawal form, but it is not obligatory. You can also electronically fill in and submit the model withdrawal form or any other unequivocal statement on our website If you use this option, we will communicate to you an acknowledgement of receipt of such a withdrawal on a durable medium (e.g. by e-mail) without delay.

To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired.

- Consequences of Cancellation -

In case of cancellation, any received benefits by either side are to be returned and any accumulated benefits (e.g. interest or goods) surrendered. If the user cannot return any product received either in whole or in part, or can return it only in deteriorated condition, then they have to compensate eclipso Mail Europe for the difference in value. However, the user can avoid any obligation to pay compensation for deterioration through use by not using the goods as their property or by not doing anything that would deteriorate their value. Transportable items can be returned at our cost and risk. Items that cannot be transported will be picked up from the user by a company commissioned by us. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. For the user, this period begins when they send their cancellation or the goods to be returned; for us it begins upon receiving these. It is important that the user specify their registration information, as well as include their address and a handwritten signature of theirs.

- Effects of withdrawal -

If you withdraw from this contract, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (with the exception of the supplementary costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement.

- Note to the Right of Withdrawal -

The right of withdrawal expires prematurely if the contract is completely fulfilled by both parties at the express request of the user before he or she has exercised their right of withdrawal.

- Begin of withdrawal -

Model withdrawal form

(complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract).

Inh. Claus-Peter Beringer
Grubstr. 9b
95445 Bayreuth

E-Mail: withdrawal [at]
Fax: +49 (0)921 / 99 007 109

I/We (*) hereby give notice that I/We (*) withdraw from my/our (*) contract of sale of the following goods (*)/for the provision of the following service (*):
Ordered on (*)/received on (*):
Name of consumer(s):
Address of consumer(s):
eclipso E-Mail-Address (or Customer-ID) of consumer(s):
Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper):
City, Date:
(*) Delete as appropriate.

- End of withdrawal-

§ 10 Final Provisions

If the user is a trader, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is 95445 Bayreuth.

Any contracts entered into by eclipso Mail Europe on the basis of these general terms and conditions and any claims of any kind resulting from them are governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany where not covered by the provisions of the general UN laws on the sale of goods or by German international privacy laws.

If any provisions of these terms and conditions and/or a contract are or become invalid, then this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Our general terms and conditions document written in German will always take precedence over those written in other languages. Likewise, should there be any conflict, eclipso Mail Europe will always adhere to the laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany over the laws and regulations of other countries.

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