eclipso Toolbox with Mailcheck & Drive-Sync for PC & Mac.

eclipso Toolbox

Mailcheck. Sync. SMS & Fax.

Automatic notification

If a new message arrives, you will be notified immediately. Without being logged into your account.

SMS, Drive & Fax

Direct access to your drive, send SMS and faxes directly from the toolbox.

eclipso Toolbox Menü

The most important functions in DeepL access

The eclipso Toolbox is quickly installed and ready to use. After installation you will find the eclipso-Icon in the taskbar. Click on it to open the Toolbox menu, which gives you immediate access to the most important functions.In the menu Settings you make the basic settings of the toolbox and establish the connection to your eclipso e-mail account.

eclipso Mailcheck

eclipso Mailcheck informs you visually when new e-mails arrive with a message, if you wish also acoustically. It is also possible to configure that the web interface with your inbox is automatically called up immediately upon receipt of a new e-mail (optional). With eclipso Mailcheck you will never miss an important e-mail again.


SMS Manager

Send SMS directly from your PC or Mac as long as your credit balance lasts. You always have your credit balance in view. You will also be visually informed of any changes to your credit balance. Select SMS type, enter recipient number and text (up to 160 characters) - then send quickly and easily. You can't send SMS faster and more conveniently! 3

eclipso Drive & Sync

Synchronize any folder with your eclipso drive. You can define the synchronization interval yourself and set it in the Settings menu. With the button "Synchronize now" you start the synchronization manually.

Toolbox Drive
Toolbox Fax

eclipso Toolbox-Fax 2

With eclipso Premium you get the possibility to send faxes from all applications. eclipso Fax installs itself as printer driver, via which you can send your faxes comfortably and quickly directly from your PC or Mac from all applications that offer a print option. eclipso Toolbox-Fax is ideal for users who do not own a fax machine but often have to send faxes. 3

Always on the spot

The practical eclipso Toolbox is inconspicuous in daily use and installs itself discreetly in the task bar. No annoying or additional browser bar, no annoying advertisements. A free power tool - only available at eclipso.

Toolbox Fax

eclipso Toolbox incl. Mailcheck - Install now for free!


The free eclipso Toolbox 1 is a desktop client software and the perfect tool to stay informed without having to be constantly logged in. With eclipso Mailcheck you will never miss an important e-mail again. In the menu of the eclipso Toolbox the most important functions you already know from the web interface are integrated:

  • Read e-mail: With one click you reach the inbox of your e-mail account
  • Compose e-mail: If you want to go fast, write to email dialog with one click
  • SMS Manager: Send SMS from PC/Mac
  • SMS Manager: Send SMS from PC/Mac
  • Drive: Synchronize your folders with your drive
  • eclipso Mailcheck informs you when new e-mails arrive
  • You will be informed of any changes to your credit balance.


eclipso Toolbox is included free of charge in the premium and business value-added tariffs.


eclipso Toolbox-Fax is available in the premium and business value-added tariffs.


Credits necessary. Credit account for SMS, letter services and fax dispatch rechargeable.