eclipso Sync. Synchronize emails, calendars, tasks & contacts.

Mobile Synchronization

Synchronize data with all mobile devices. eclipso supports the ActiveSync protocol.


eclipso Sync is included in the eclipso Premium rate free of charge.

Addresses, Appointments, E-mails, Tasks

With eclipso Sync you synchronize e-mails, your contacts, appointments and tasks automatically.


eclipso Sync makes data synchronization quick and easy.

Wireless data synchronization on different devices is becoming more and more important for many people, at home and in business. eclipso Sync is our solution when it comes to synchronizing mobile devices with your eclipso online account.

Quick setup

Setup is quick and easy on all smartphones and tablets that support ActiveSync / Microsoft Exchange, such as iPhone, Windows Phone or Android operating system. Also supported are the Mail App and the Contacts App in Windows 8/10.


What is synchronized?

Email, email folders, contacts, appointments, birthdays and tasks are automatically synchronized wirelessly between your eclipso webmail account and your smartphone and tablet in seconds. With eclipso Sync, your data is always on the same level on all mobile devices.

Data backup included

eclipso Sync also protects against data loss. For example, if you lose a device, the data is still available in your online account thanks to synchronization.

  • Synchronize address book / contacts
  • Calendar / Appointments / Synchronize birthdays
  • Synchronize emails
  • Synchronize e-mail folders
  • Synchronize tasks
  • Compatible e.g. with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 (mail app, contacts app, calendar app) 1
  • Included free of charge in the eclipso Connect, eclipso Premium and eclipso Business tariffs 2


eclipso Sync is part of all chargeable value-added tariffs.