eclipso Business - The professional email & cloud solution for your company

Business E-Mail

The ideal and cost-effective plan for craftsmen, freelancers, small and individual enterprises, entrepreneurs. Personalized e-mail addresses @yourcompany.tld incl.


Address book, appointments, tasks, e-mails. CalDav/CardDav and IMAP allows you to synchronize contacts, emails and calendar appointments with different email clients and mobile devices.

Secure Cloud Storage

Your data will be stored exclusively and exclusively in German data centers. Share your documents securely with your business partners and colleagues.

eclipso Business

eclipso Business

Professional email and more for your business

  • Simply take your domain with you.
  • Time-saving tools & apps for business needs.
  • Send e-mail, fax, letters. Everything under one roof.
  • Data processing agreement (DPA) according to Art. 28 GDPR incl.

eclipso Business. Perfect for your business.

Increase productivity with our great apps for working with email, calendars, tasks, and cloud storage. You will find our apps in a unique and clear web interface.

Desktop Alerts

With eclipso Desktop Notification enabled, which is set up in just 2 clicks, you will be notified when new emails arrive directly on your computer. When a new email arrives, a pop-up window will appear so that you are always up to date with new emails. You only need to be logged into your account, but the browser can also run in the background or minimized in the task bar.

Drag & Drop

Upload files, tables or documents simply by dragging them from your computer into the browser window. Immediately afterwards you can share files with business partners, friends and colleagues or send them by e-mail.

Anytime and anywhere

Your cloud storage is always there. On the web or via our app. You can access your files from your computer, smartphone or tablet at any time. Take care of your business, we will ensure the smooth functioning of your online office!

Only 5.00 € /mth. - Book now
  • 75 GB storage space for emails, documents and files (starting volume ) (1)
  • Custom homepage - eclipso lets you customize your Business desktop
  • Check emails using your mobile phone, PDA or smartphone via web interface, POP3 or IMAP (depending on whether the device has the capability)
  • 51 email addresses (1 main address plus 50 aliases)
  • Unlimited email retention period
  • Incl. e-mail domain. Use of e-mail addresses with your own business domain (@YourCompany.tld)
  • Email forwarding
  • Out-of-office tool
  • Confirmation function: you will receive email confirmation when a recipient has read your email
  • Compose drafts and send them later
  • Use filters to sort your emails
  • Unlimited email folders
  • Create your own email signature
  • Send email attachments up to a size of 50 MB
  • Email-2-SMS - receive SMS notification of incoming emails (2)
  • IMAP access (through e-mail clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird)
  • HTTP mail access (MS Outlook © contains the protocol "http mail", which allows you to send and receive messages over HTTP.)
  • S/MIME (Digital Signature)
  • Encrypt emails with a private certificate
  • Full text search of emails
  • eclipso tool package (software for MAC or PC)
  • Email send lists of up to recipients possible (e.g. for personal newsletters)
  • Create distribution lists, groups, or mailing lists
  • Guaranteed server location Germany
  • Fast support
  • Business customer rate
  • Invoice incl. legal VAT
  • Contract according to Art. 28 EU-GDPR incl.
  • Price: € 5.00 / month
  • Minimum runtime 6 months, no subscription 4

Initial storage volume: 25 GB for email and 50 GB GB for eclipso Drive & Photo Album.


Deposit/credits required. Billing unit per credit = €0.02. We charge your credit account for SMS messages, letters and faxes.


Letters and postcards are printed and dispatched by our partner companies.


The Business package expires when a Business subscription does, but can be extended by booking in advance.


To get eclipso Business a free email account is required. The eclipso Business package can be requested internally and is applied as an upgrade to the free account.