eclipso Photo Album. Create and share photo albums online.

Create photo albums online

Create unlimited photo albums and protect each album from unauthorized access.

Share your photos

No box, no yellowed photos anymore. Create an album and share it easily.

Photo security

Photos from the eclipso photo album can not be downloaded!

eclipso Photo Album

eclipso Photo Album

★★★★★ 9 / 10 (1146 Ratings)

  • Just sharing beautiful memories.
  • Create unlimited photo albums.
  • Your photo albums are private. You decide when and with whom you share them.
  • Whether wedding birthday photos or favorite portraits. Just upload and share.

eclipso Photo Album. Show and share your favourite photos online.

Create your own personal online photo album in minutes. Show off holiday photos to your family, friends or colleagues. Now you can easily and conveniently store your favourite pictures in the cloud. Whether you want to store wedding photos, vacation photos, snapshots or even your entire photo collection online, eclipso Photo Album is the perfect and safe way to do it. You can upload, copy, and delete photos as well as share them with friends and colleagues. Each album you create can be individually protected with a password.

Store your photos in the cloud for free. ✔ Safe. ✔ Simple. ✔ Quick.

Cloud storage of your pictures

eclipso photo album does not require any special software and works with any PC, Mac, laptop or tablet PC that has internet access. Upload your pictures either with our JAVA-enabled drag-and-drop web interface or with our simple upload manager.

Your photo albums are private until you choose to share them.
You decide who can see your photos. You can use separate passwords to safeguard every single photo album you create.

Share photo albums
Each photo album can be shared individually and made available through a link. With eclipso Mail, this link can then easily be sent to friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members. This allows them to comfortably view your pictures at home on their computer screen.

You would like to see an eclipso photo album in action?
The live demo is a password-protected photo album, just as you can present it to friends or family, for example. The password is: "demo" (without quotes).

Demo - Photoalbum

Click on the button

  • eclipso Photo Album is already included for free in every package
  • Picture and gallery preview functions
  • Upload, copy, rename and delete pictures
  • Create as many photo albums as you want
  • You decide who can see your photos
  • Share password-protected photo albums
  • Share links to your photo album through email
  • Photo light box with convenient back and forward functions
  • Photo slideshow - sit back comfortably and view pictures with your family
  • Share pictures with friends & colleagues
  • Available worldwide
  • Requires only an internet connection and a browser
  • No additional software installation necessary
  • WebDav connection - use your photo album as a network drive (available only in the eclipso Premium package)
  • Upload by drag-and-drop or upload manager
  • eclipso Drive Sync for Windows-PC & Mac (eclipso Toolbox)


The initial storage volume for eclipso Photo Album & Drive is 2 GB with our Freemail package, 20 GB with our Premium package and 50 GB with our Business package.