Send text messages online

SMS worldwide

Send SMS online - directly from your eclipso mailbox. Sent SMS messages are stored in the journal.

Own sender number

With a credit you can even send SMS with your own mobile phone number. The recipient of an SMS can answer directly to your mobile phone or smartphone.


Send SMS, receive reply by email. No subscription, no trouble.


Send Text Messages Online. No subscription, no risk!

Send text messages online. Let others know what is on your mind in 147 characters, be it a heartfelt letter to loved ones or a quick message to friends and acquaintances.

Send SMS worldwide online.

eclipso SMS not only offers you free texts, but much more. Use our Power-SMS, for example, to send messages up to 1500 characters. eclipso SMS is also provider-independent. With most mobile providers you are tied to a particular network if you want to send cheap text messages.

With eclipso SMS you can send text messages online network-independent and worldwide3. More convenient and affordable is almost impossible! Just write your SMS on your computer or laptop, rather than on your phone or smartphone. All 160 characters - without ads - are available to you. By specifying your own cell phone number you can get any replies sent directly to your phone.

SMS-2-Mail: send an SMS and receive your answer by email.

For everybody who wishes to send texts cheaply, we offer the eclipso SMS-2-Mail feature. From just 5 cents per message you can send texts without a personal number. Should the recipient reply to your SMS, then you will get the answer as an email.

  • Send text messages worldwide 3
  • SMS-messages with personal sender ID 2
  • Have responses sent to your personal cellphone 2
  • Mail-2-SMS - Get SMS notification upon arrival of an email 2
  • SMS-2-Mail - Send text messages, receive replies by email 2
  • Receive appointment reminders by SMS 2
  • Conveniently write and send SMS-messages by computer or laptop
  • Create and send extra-long SMS-messages (Power-SMS up to 1514 characters) online2
  • Credit balance (eclipso credits) clearly visible at all times
  • Complete stats for your SMS-messages
  • Low cost SMS text messages
  • Price calculation before sending an SMS
  • Worldwide access through the internet
  • Send text-messages from as little as €0,10
  • No subscription!
  • No risk!
  • 100% safe!

Number of free SMS-messages varies depending on the package booked. Free SMS-messages without sender ID may contain advertising.


Deposits/credits required. Billing unit per credit: €0.01. Credit account can be used for SMS-messages, letters, postcards and faxes.


Deposits/credits required. Free-SMS only available in certain listed countries.

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