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with eclipso Post Office.

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Compose letters online or upload finished document as PDF and send with a few clicks.

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Delivery will be delivered within Germany within the next 48 hours with DHL / Deutsche Post.

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Mailing journal at a glance. In our archive all sent letters are stored permanently.

Write and send letters online

Send letters easily online

Send your letters fast, cheap and safe with eclipso Postoffice from € 1,25 including printing, envelope and postage.

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  • We print, put in an envelope, stamp it and deliver your letters to DHL / Deutsche Post.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Send letters - as easy as e-mail!

Send letters simply, quickly, cheaply and securely with eclipso Post Office

Postal services of eclipso save time and money. Use the mail services of eclipso for your daily mail. Create letters and postcards quickly and easily online. You do not need paper or a printer to send letters. Send existing PDF files as well as letters you wrote online. Create cover sheets.

Letter mail online: business letters, invoices, marketing or registered mail.

eclipso letter mail is your interface between virtual and actual reality. We print, cut, fold, assemble, frank and validate your mail before sending your letters all over the world.

  • Compose and send letters online 2
  • no printer or paper required
  • Reliable and punctual delivery
  • Use of PDF files possible
  • Preview before shipment downloadable as a PDF file
  • Store sent letters as PDF files on eclipso Drive
  • Price calculation before shipment
  • Tracking (upon posting, online confirmation or return receipt)
  • Create letters with a cover sheet
  • Worldwide shipping
  • No more need for stamps
  • No more having to go to the post office
  • Double-sided printing
  • Send letters from just €1,25 including postage 1
  • Digital printing in RGB and CMYK mode
  • A4 format (Euro), paper type 90 grams
  • Letters will be scaled to 98 % due to technical processing
  • Letters and postcards will normally be delivered to the recipient within 48 hours. 3

Credits (€) necessary. Billing unit per credit = € 0.01. Rechargeable credit account for SMS, MMS, fax and letter mail.


Letters and postcards are printed and dispatched by our partner companies.


Standard delivery time for Germany, not guaranteed. Delivery within Europe and the rest of the world may take longer. In all cases, the country of origin will be listed as Germany.