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eclipso Drive - Your Secure Online Cloud Storage

eclipso Drive

eclipso Drive: Your photos, documents and files wherever you go!

With eclipso Drive you can store your files securely in the cloud. Upload, copy and delete files as you see fit. Share with friends and colleagues. Every folder can be separately protected with a password and shared. eclipso Drive - accessible always and anywhere.

Make yourself independent
eclipso Drive requires no special software and our Toolbox will let you customise eclipso Drive any way you see fit. eclipso Drive works with any PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet PC with internet access. Upload files via the web interface using drag-and-drop or use our simple upload manager.

Save your data online and never lose data again
Does this sound familiar? Your computer suddenly breaks, your smartphone is damaged or you left your USB-stick at home. Suddenly you have no access to your important documents and files. eclipso Drive is your secure data storage on the internet; simply upload and retrieve whenever and wherever you want.

Share eclipso Drive
Sending larger files via email is impractical. eclipso Drive is your alternative. Simply send the link to your shared folder via eclipso mail. The recipient can then download the file whenever they want.

eclipso Drive Sync
eclipso Toolbox contains an automatic sync client that can periodically synchronise any folder on your computer with your eclipso Drive account. You can adjust the schedule for automatic synchronization yourself. eclipso Toolbox is available for Windows and MacOS systems.

eclipso Drive is your online storage with unlimited space.

  • eclipso Drive is included free in every eclipso account
  • Unlimited disk space! (1)
  • Upload, copy, rename and delete files as you see fit
  • Store your data in as many folders as you want
  • Password-protect folders and share them
  • Available worldwide
  • Share files with friends & colleagues
  • An internet connection is all that is required
  • WebDav connection - integrated drive as a network drive (only available in eclipso Premium)
  • Upload by drag-and-drop (2) or upload manager
  • Web app available for uploading files from your smartphone
  • New! Sync Drive: automatic synchronization of specified folders (installation of eclipso Toolbox for Windows / Mac required)


You will start with 5 GB of storage space for your emails and 5 GB for your eclipso Drive and photo album.


HTML5-compatible browser required

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