How can I cancel or delete my account?

In the tariffs eclipso Connect, eclipso Premium and eclipso Business the booking period ends automatically, there is no automatic renewal. You will receive a reminder e-mail 14 days before the end of the booking period. This enables you to extend your booking in time and to benefit from the advantages of the booking.

What happens to your eclipso e-mail address if you do not extend the term?

If you do not extend the term and do not renew the booking, your account automatically reverts to the free tariff eclipso Freemail. However, the advantages of the value-added tariffs will no longer apply. However, without the advantages and the additional comfort of our ad-free value-added tariffs.

If you have an account with costs, we recommend that you use the remaining term and the associated benefits until the end of the booking period and only delete the account after the end of the booking period! If the account is deleted before the end of the booking period, the entitlement to use is completely void.

If you no longer need your eclipso account, you can deactivate and delete it at any time (only possible in the desktop version).
  • Click on Settings > Account | Administration
  • Click on "Cancel account"
  • The security countdown will be countdown for 30 seconds. If you click on "Cancel", the process will be aborted.
  • If you do not click on "Cancel" and the countdown is finished, you can permanently delete the account.

As an alternative to canceling via the customer menu, you can also cancel your contract and account using our cancellation form.

Important hints:
  • After termination of your membership all data will be deleted irretrievably! A recovery is no longer possible afterwards.
  • For security reasons, your e-mail address will be blocked after the deletion process.
  • Deleted e-mail addresses can only be restored and released after a valid identification has been provided.
  • E-mail accounts and their contents cannot be restored!
  • The verification and release of the deleted e-mail address is done by our support. We charge 20,00 EUR.

Safety notice:

Please remember and before you cancel your account that your eclipso address may also be registered with other online providers and shops, social networks or business partners. It is best to inform them in advance that you are no longer using this account. This will also prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing important information and access data! 

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