Can a deleted e-mail address be restored or registered again?

For data protection and security reasons, an e-mail address or alias address remains permanently blocked for further use and registration after it has been deleted. In some cases, however, it may be useful and necessary to reactivate the e-mail address again, e.g. if you still have data in circulation that is related to the e-mail address and is urgently needed.

How do I get my old e-mail address back?

If you can credibly demonstrate to us that you have already used the deleted e-mail address at an earlier point in time, we offer to reactivate the desired e-mail address for a processing fee of € 20.00 and/or to release it for registration.

Procedure for reactivating deleted e-mail and alias addresses:
  • Register a new account or use an active account
  • Top up your account with at least €20.00 per email address to be recovered (menu Settings > Account | Administration > Top up account with credits)
  • Please provide us with the following information after you have loaded your account:
    • The invoice number of the the account top-up
    • The e-mail address(es) requested and to be restored
  • Together with the ticket, send us a proof that credibly identifies you as a former user of the desired e-mail address
  • The desired e-mail addresses will be assigned to your account as alias addresses after successful verification

InfoEmails and data from previously registered and already deleted accounts cannot be recovered!

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