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Adding an alternate e-mail address to your account is a big step towards a secure eclipso account. Have you lost or simply forgotten the password for your account? In order to reset your password at any time to regain access to your account, you can enter an alternative email address (contact email address) in your account. The alternative e-mail address can be from any provider, e.g. GMX, T-Online, Gmail or similar. Not allowed are so-called temporary e-mail addresses, one-time or disposable addresses.


How do I store an alternative email address in my account?

  • Log in to your eclipso Desktop-account
  • Click on the gear symbol ⚙ or call up the menu Settings
  • Switch to the menu Account | Contact details
  • In the section Other in the field Alternative e-mail enter your contact e-mail address
  • Then click OK to save the data

As soon as an alternative e-mail address has been entered, you can use the forget-password function on our website.

Tip: Already during the registration process you can enter an alternative e-mail address. So you are on the safe side from the beginning!

InfoYou have no alternative e-mail address but a mobile phone? You can also add an active mobile number to your account!

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