My letter was not sent - Error message

To send a letter you have to consider some points. For this purpose we have prepared a Letter example.

In the menu Post > Journal you will find an overview of the letters that have been sent or handed over for dispatch. The Status column displays the current status of the document. If an error message appears, the document may not have been sent, the billed credits have been refunded (see Account Balance).

Tips for troubleshooting:

When sending letters, the most important thing is that the complete address is visible in the envelope window (see demo letter). For this, the recipient address must lie within the range defined in DIN 5008 Type B. The recipient address must be visible in the envelope window. This area is 42mm high and 72mm wide, 20mm from the left edge and 49mm from the top edge. If these dimensions are met, the document can be sent correctly.

  1. Always check first whether the address field is in the correct area!
  2. Leave enough space between the address field and the contents of the document so that the address can be read correctly.
  3. When sending letters to another country, always add the destination country at the bottom of the address (e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

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