Format and address letters correctly

To ensure that we can get your letter to its destination quickly and easily, the applicable DIN regulations must be observed when designing the letterhead. We generally use envelopes with address windows (so-called window envelopes). It is therefore necessary to position the recipient's address in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Position address field correctly - your own PDF:

Create your letter including recipient address as a PDF document, please note:

  • The address field must always be on the first page of the document.
  • Make sure that the address field is positioned correctly according to DIN
  • address the letter with the same line spacing between name (recipient), street, postal code and city. The address should be written left-aligned, in the same font and font size.
  • The font should be dark, preferably black, on a plain, light background.
  • The distance of the address from the left, right and bottom margin is min. 20 mm and from the upper margin min. 50 mm.

Address field Pattern:

Format and address letters correctly

Position address field correctly - Using the eclipso cover sheet generator:

If you use our cover sheet generator, the address will automatically appear at the correct position.

Please see our  > demo letter <  example.

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