What is an email alias address and how do I create it?

Alias e-mail addresses are useful, additional e-mail addresses that are associated with your account and that you can use to send, reply to, or forward e-mail. A alias address is created in addition to the already registered main e-mail address and is managed together with it.

What can an alias address be used for?

Alias addresses allow you to use different email addresses for different purposes, but manage them centrally in one account.

Example: During the registration process, you select the main address, which cannot be changed, e.g. Now you want to register for a portal, a shop or a competition, but you do not want to enter your main e-mail address. Solution: Create an alias address and enter it instead of your main e-mail address.


Advantages of an alias address:

  • Communication with different identities
  • Central mailbox to manage all e-mail addresses
  • No additional e-mail account necessary (reduction of administrative effort)
  • Check who may have passed on the alias address without permission (data protection)
  • preventing spam
  • Automatic sorting of incoming e-mails by filter rule possible
  • Shipping with e-mail address from external providers (e.g. GMX, Gmail, T-Online etc.) possible

To create an alias email address
  1. Log in to your eclipso account via the desktop version
  2. Open the menu Settings > E-Mail | Aliases
  3. Select "Add Alias"
  4. You can now add alias addresses to your account.
    • First select the type of alias:
      • Type: Sender + Recipient:
        Select as type sender + recipient to add a new e-mail address with the extension @eclipso to your e-mail account. This email address can be used as both sender and recipient address.
        When you enter it, the system checks whether the desired alias address is available.
      • Type: Sender Only (External Account):
        Select "Sender Only (External Account)" as type to add an existing email address to your email account. This can also be an email address from another provider, e.g. @gmx,,, etc. With the e-mail address created in this way you can also use external e-mail addresses from your eclipso account as senders.

        Info If you enter external e-mail addresses, a link will be sent to the specified e-mail address to check the existence of this e-mail address. This link must first be confirmed so that the created e-mail address can be used.

How many alias addresses can you create?

The number of possible alias addresses depends on the selected tariff.
  • eclipso Freemail: 0 alias addresses
  • eclipso Connect: 10 alias addresses
  • eclipso Premium: 24 alias addresses
  • eclipso Business: 50 alias addresses

Can you delete an alias address?

Alias addresses can be managed and deleted in the menu Settings > E-Mail | Aliases. It is not possible to register or delete alias addresses in the tariff eclipso Freemail. If you want to change alias addresses more frequently, we recommend one of our value-added tariffs Connect, Premium or Business. The tariff change is fast and can be done with a few clicks via the desktop menu: Menu Settings > Tariff change | Upgrade.

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