Use eclipso mailserver with your own domain - Customize MX-Record

­Having your own mail domain @yourname.tld or @yourcompany.tld is practical and allows you to emphasize your individuality. For example, if you are already hosting a website with another provider, but would like to use email via your eclipso email inbox, you may have to change the settings in your hoster's domain menu.

So that you can send and receive your e-mails via our server, the MX record be changed for your mail domain at your web hosting provider. The corresponding settings are managed in the domain's DNS settings.

Important: eclipso Business tariff is required to use your own mail domain with your eclipso Account.


Use the eclipso mail server with your own domain (foreign domain) - adjust the MX record - this is how it works:

Make the following changes to the MX record in the domain settings of your web hosting provider. With the entries you determine which mail server is responsible for receiving e-mails for your domain.

Please make the following changes to the MX record:

SubdomainDomainTTLIP (V4)


Tell us (preferably before the changeover) your domain including top-level domain (e.g. and the time of the changeover. We make the necessary settings in your account.

Note: Your changes are effective immediately in eclipso. However, it can take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect everywhere due to the decentralized structure of the domain name system.

Set up email addresses

After successful setup, you will find your domain in the Settings - Alias ​​addresses menu. The domain can be used as sender AND recipient.

Set default email address

Now set the standard sender address in the Settings - General menu. After registration, you will find your @eclipso address here by default.

Send and receive email

If the MX record has been successfully adjusted, all e-mails to your domain or to your e-mail addresses are automatically forwarded to our mail server. Our mail servers deliver incoming emails directly.

Use e-mail with an e-mail client (Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or similar)

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
User: your email address
Password: your password

If necessary, consult your web hosting provider and Please note the information and instructions from your provider!

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