Sending Emails is not Possible (Telekom Speedport Router)

If you use a Telekom router for your Internet access (e.g. the Speedport model), problems may occur when sending e-mails via your eclipso e-mail account, even though you have made all settings correctly.

The reason for this is that these routers have a list of secure e-mail servers and refuse to send e-mails via other SMTP servers by default configuration. However, the problem can be solved.

Speedport Router - Configure list of secure e-mail servers

Log into the configuration menu of your Speedport router. The required information for your router login is usually located on the back of your Speedport router. Open your browser and enter either the domain "speedport.ip" or the IP address "" in the address bar and confirm with the enter key.

Open the item "List of secure e-mail servers", to be found in the main menu "Internet".

Either deactivate the complete list by unchecking "Use list of secure e-mail servers" or check the box below the list and enter our SMTP server "" in the free text field. Save the process in any case.

Both options will cause your Speedport router to no longer block the sending of mail via our SMTP servers.

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