My e-mail do not reach the recipient or arrive late

If an e-mail sent by you via eclipso does not reach the recipient or arrives late, there may be several reasons for this. The most frequent reasons for this are listed below.

  1. E-Mail not sent: Check the "Sent" and "Drafts" folders. If the e-mail is not in one of these folders, it may have been deleted before it was sent.
  2. Spamfilter: Your e-mail has landed in the spam filter. If necessary, ask the recipient to ensure that your e-mail has not been accidentally filtered and classified as spam.
  3. Full mailbox: The recipient's mailbox space is full or used up.
  4. Temporary or permanent errors: The recipient or recipient server is not reachable or temporarily unavailable. Just try again at a later time.
  5. E-Mail address wrong: The recipient address was entered wrong - please check for errors.
  6. Account deleted or non-existent: The recipient mailbox does not exist or no longer exists or has been deleted

In most cases (except spam) you usually get an error message within max. 72 hours. If there is a system-related error, you will also receive an error message directly when sending.

Tip: With the eclipso delivery status, you can quickly and easily check whether the recipient has received the e-mail. The delivery status is available in the rates eclipso Premium and eclipso Business.

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