Incorrect time data for sent and received e-mails

The time zone is automatically adopted by the client (customer computer or server), the manual setting is not possible and not necessary.

What can I do if the time of my e-mails in my inbox is not correct?

The time of an e-mail is taken from the mail header and automatically adapted to the customer client or customer time zone. This can lead to deviations. If the time is displayed incorrectly, this can have various causes:

  • The client (e.g. browser, router, etc.) supplies incorrect or erroneous data
  • An incorrect time zone has been set on the system used

Please check the following options:
  1. Please log out of your account, empty your browser history and log in again exclusively via the start page
  2. Check whether the language settings and time zone are set correctly on your computer
  3. Use a browser without AddOns or Plugins
  4. Deactivate a used VPN or proxy connection if necessary
  5. For the above mentioned reasons we recommend a simple comparison test with another computer and/or browser

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