Configure Windows Mail App for POP3 / IMAP

Windows 8 / 10 comes with an app for managing e-mails: Windows Mail. With the Mail App you can easily manage your e-mails locally on your computer.

How to set up mail access in Windows 10:

1. Start the Mail App in Windows 10. Click on Accounts and then on Add account:

Windows 10 Mail App

2. Click "Advanced Setup"

Configure Windows 10 Mail App

3. Click on "Internet E-Mail".

Configure Windows 10 Mail App POP3 and IMAP

4. Now fill in all fields according to the following example. Replace the account data with your personal access data and select the appropriate account type (POP3):

Windows 10 Mail App Access data

5. Now click on "Login". The settings will then be checked:

Windows 10 Mail App - Complete Setup

6. If the account was successfully set up, the following message will appear:

The Windows 10 Mail App is set up

7. Finally, click Ready to complete the setup.

The Windows Mail app is now configured to send and receive mail messages.

Your name: Your first and last name
account type: POP3
Inbox server (POP3): mailo.eclipso.en - Port 110
IMAP: - Port 143
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): - Port 587
Password: Your chosen password

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