Automatically forward emails to another email account

You can have incoming e-mails automatically forwarded to another e-mail address. Automatic forwarding to an external e-mail account is available in the Connect, Premium and Business rates.

Set up automatic forwarding:

  1. In the desktop version, open the Settings > menu; Account | Settings.
  2. In the "Receive options" section, specify the e-mail address to which you want to forward.
  3. Activate the "Forwarding checkbox?"
  4. Save the forwarding with "OK"

Automatically forward e-mails

Automatic forwarding is active immediately after activation.

Delete e-mails automatically from the server after forwarding:

You can choose whether forwarded e-mails are automatically deleted from the server.
  1. Activate the checkbox "Delete forwarded e-mails"
  2. Save the forwarding with "OK"

Delete e-mails after forwarding


Note: When automatically forwarding e-mails, no messages marked as spam are forwarded. You should therefore regularly check your mailbox in the spam folder.


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