How do I create a group in the address book?

Create contact groups (also known as distribution lists or contact lists) to organize and manage contacts more easily. Use a contact group to send an e-mail to several people.

If you regularly send e-mails to the same group of recipients or to a group of people, you can, for example, specify the group in the address field when writing an e-mail instead of having to add each recipient individually.

Examples of recipient groups: Association members, addresses within a company, people with common interests, etc.


How do I set up a group?

  • Open the Address book in the desktop version
  • Tap on Edit groups in the top right-hand corner (1)
  • First enter a name or a name for the group (2) and save the entry with Add
  • After the group has been saved, it is displayed in the group dialog (3)
  • Done: The group is created

Edit groups

Add group

Group added

Create group directly in contact

Another time-saving way to create a group is to use the menu Edit contact.
  • Open a contact in the address book (edit contact)
  • Enter the new group name in the field New Group (4) on the right
  • Finally, click on OK to save the entries
  • The group has now been created
  • Tip: To assign the contact directly to a group, activate the checkbox next to the group you want to assign to the contact

Add groups in contact

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