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eclipso PIN is a social network that allows you to quickly and easily get in touch with other users in your community. eclipso PIN is easy to use and offers great opportunities to communicate with other people and publish interesting content. Create your own topics, talk with your friends and read the most up-to-date news. Post your favorite videos or pictures. eclipso PIN connects people from all over the world.

  • eclipso PIN is free.
  • Create PINs: Create messages with a maximum length of 250 characters to post on your own wall, so-called 'PINs'. You can also send these to or share them with other users.
  • Create Themes: You can create your own themes or use PIN themes created by others.
  • Follow: With this feature you can follow other users and they can follow you and your posts. That way you will always receive the latest updates from your followers. If other users follow you, they will also receive your news.
  • Comment: The comment function allows you to add your own comments to an interesting PIN.
  • Videos: You can post links to videos and share them with others. The video is displayed in your PIN. You can add video links from Youtube and Dailymotion.
  • Pictures: If you have a link to an interesting image, you can include this link in your PINs. The image will then be displayed the PIN you created.
  • Custom Profile: To use eclipso PIN you will have to create a profile with a nickname. Other users on eclipso PIN will then be able to contact you through this @nickname.
  • Realname or Nickname? It's your decision whether your profile page and PINs will display your real name - first and surname - or only your nickname.
  • Personal Homepage / Public Profile: You can customize your profile so that your PINs are either displayed for all to see (public) or only for you and your followers (private). If you choose to go public, we will also give you your own, publicly accessible homepage. You will be able to find the link to this page in your profile.

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