How to send a fax online

­eclipso Fax is a simple and convenient way to send fax messages directly from your computer. All you need is an Internet connection, but not your own fax machine. The price is calculated per fax page and can vary depending on whether the fax is sent domestically or abroad. You always have full cost control as the actual price is displayed before sending.

How do I pay for faxing?

Payment is easy and secure with eclipso Credits and requires you to top up your account with credits before sending the fax. Charging your eclipso account is safe, fast and easy as we do not store any bank details: Klarna /, PayPal and advance payment. When paying by prepayment, the balance will be credited to the account as soon as the amount is received in our account.

How does faxing work?

In the Desktop menu Fax you can create faxes in no time. The fax can be written and sent with a comfortable fax editor. A fax can consist of several blocks of text and can be provided with a cover page.

The simplest and most frequently used option: Upload a ready-made letter in PDF format, enter the fax number of the recipient and then click on "Preview and price calculation". Then click "Fax send".

A copy of your fax will be saved in the journal. There you will also find the send status.

Main view Fax menu

Send fax - Main view

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