Setup POP3 with Android

Depending on the Android distribution used, the procedure for setting up your eclipso account on your Android Smartphone varies. You can use the example of the Android version we use as a guide when setting up POP3 and SMTP.

POP3 is suitable for anyone who wants to download unsorted e-mails from our servers and sort them themselves.

If you want to pre-sort incoming e-mails in your eclipso mailbox, we recommend that you change the account type so that you can use IMAP. With IMAP you synchronize your e-mails to all devices and thus have the same status everywhere.

1. Call the Settings menu

In the Settings menu select Add Account :

Android: Add Account

Then select E-Mail:

Android: E-Mail

2. Account setup

Enter your email address ( and password, and then tap the Create manually:

Android: Create manually

As account type you choose POP3:

Android: Account type POP3

Incoming messages

POP3 server:
Port: 110
Security type: STARTTLS

Android: Security type: STARTTLS

>If you also process e-mails with other programs, the setting: Delete e-mail from server should be set to Never.

Outgoing messages

SMTP server:
Port: 587
Security type: STARTTLS

Login required: Yes (checkbox selected):

Android: Logon required: Yes

3. Account settings

Finally you have the possibility to make various settings. Make your choice here and click on Next:

Android: Other settings

4. Close account setup

> Last enter your name and close the account setup with Next:

Android: Close account setup

The account is now set up, reception and sending via the standard e-mail app is possible.

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