Share your photo album

With the function "Share photo album" you can share the folder or photo album from your eclipso cloud with friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues. If you don't share, the photo album remains visible only to you.

In the sharing settings it is possible to assign a password for each photo album and to protect the content from unauthorized access.

If you share a photo album, they can send the link to your photo album conveniently and easily by e-mail. Recipients of the sharing link can access the photo album in your cloud and view the pictures or photos.

In the photo album view it is not possible to download photos directly. Your photos are thus additionally protected against data theft.

This is how you release a photo album:

  1. Select "Drive" in the main menu.
  2. Create a folder or enter a Name for the photo album.
  3. Change the view to List.
  4. Select the photo album. Now the menu opens in Navigation on the right side.
  5. Select the item "Sharing".
  6. Activate the checkbox "Share photo album".
  7. Save the share with "OK".
  8. Change to "Show photo album" mode in the right navigation.
  9. The link to your photo album is now displayed and can be accessed directly or sent by e-mail.

The photo album can also be password protected and thus protected from third party access.

Protect photo album with password protection:
  1. Change the view to List.
  2. Select the photo album. Now the menu in the navigation on the right side will open.
  3. Select the item "Sharing".
  4. In the field "Password" enter the password you want to use to protect the photo album.
  5. Save the share with "OK".
  6. When you now open the link to the photo album, the password will be prompted first.

The password can be sent by e-mail together with the share link. Alternatively, you can also tell the password personally to the authorized person.

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