How can I sync my address book with other programs or devices?

Your eclipso address book can be synchronized with all programs or devices that support the CardDAV standard.

CardDAV is a protocol for synchronizing contacts and address books and allows to keep address lists on all devices in sync. As soon as you create or change an entry on one of the devices, this change is sent to our servers and then synchronized with all connected and active devices.

Setup varies from device to device, from app to app. Eclipso makes configuration much easier with the following settings:

  • CardDAV-Server: or
  • Username: Your Login-Name (z.B.
  • Password: Your Password
  • Description: eclipso CardDAV

Depending on the app and device you are using, you only need to enter the access data once to set up both functions. Many applications determine the server name automatically, so you only need to enter your e-mail address as the user name and the associated password.

If your application does not support automatic configuration, please enter the following URL:

Please refer to the operating instructions of your manufacturer or provider.

InfoAlthough CardDAV is now an open standard and widely used, it is not supported by every device, operating system or calendar app. Some apps or programs therefore require additional AddOns or Plugins.

CardDAV Apps, Plugins and AddOns (selection):

CardDAV is available in all Value added tariffs: Connect, Premium and Business.

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